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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

JIBO, The World's First Family Robot. | Indiegogo

From Apple's Siri to Google Now, from cell phones to car systems, there are a lot of manufacturers have announced that they launched a personal digital assistant, but these are digital assistant software, features mostly based speech recognition commands, as well as natural language interpretation and wisdom to do the reaction of the corresponding call APP. Now there is a new company launched Jibo, not only have the same software features, but there is like coming out of the body from the cartoon "WALL."

Had in the Siri iPhone on launch after setting off a lot of topics, but everyone's favorite thing to do with it or in the above dialogue, and then see what it will answer kuso answer. Use voice assistant biggest problem is that you still have to hold the hands of smart phones have, in most circumstances, you will have at least one hand can not do things.

JIBO design object as "home assistant", just like the other partners, like digital assistants, when you call its name, it will start the program began to distinguish your voice commands. It has two cameras, you can identify and record the faces of all members of the family as well as sound, and also built-in speaker can be read out a message sent over.

Thanks to the body, it becomes a function can be a lot more than just "soul" of other digital assistant, in the released film can be seen, in addition to its face beyond recognition, but also as a home photography assistant, can detect human faces and pictures, you do not need to hold the phone self-timer.

You can also download the APP to JIBO extensions, you can see from the release of the movie, it can help children to read fairy tales, or his family for bread when cooking advice, help control home appliances when someone back home. But most importantly, because it has a body, although only a head will turn, and with the screen display mood symbol, but for family members, the number of assistants went from originally only phone an APP, evolved into a true object.

According to information released by manufacturers, Jibo by adding hardware, can be applied in six main areas:

See: two cameras can identify and track human faces, pictures, start a video call.
Listen: 360-degree microphone can recognize natural language, talk with Jibo.
Learning: artificial intelligence algorithms will correct recognition results, the more you use the more intelligent.
Assistant: to achieve digital assistant functions.
Speak: no hand can send reminders and messages.
Contact: through natural social and emotional symbols to communication and expression

In addition, JIBO there to launch mobile app, you can install on your phone (Android, iOS) on, so that the information on your phone can also be aggregated to Jibo, so what happened to you happened outside the home Jibo will be wise to master. In order to let more people can join the ranks of JIBO, the designer knew they introduced software alone is not enough, so there are launched JIBO Developer Edition, software designers and can go to JIBOAlive Forum discussion above.

Currently JIBO being indiegogo fundraising above, the final book is priced at $ 499, can be shipped in 2015.

News From : Techbang

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