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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Filter stuck on how good your lenses do? With a saw with a hammer to solve, work?

Travel Photographer Craig Pulsifer accidentally crashed in front of the lens filter, so the filter lens stuck in the top, in such circumstances, had to hold genuine Canon lens to look professional technicians to solve the problem, but the technician to give him way, I'm afraid not every photographic players are able to accept that directly take a saw with a hammer to solve the problem ...?

Filter stuck tight turn, how to do?

There are also small series of filters before stuck on the lens of experience, but not to the extent of using a saw, photographs by photographer Craig Pulsifer not take cheap shots, using a saw with a hammer handle, hand, if unstable, then I am afraid that is a direct say goodbye with the lens. Suggest that if you have the same problem, or to seek professional saws with a hammer should be used by means of forced

Ghost Ship take filter method:

Step1: first with iron saws to cut the edge to the glass of the filter.

Step2: Then use a hammer on cracking the glass filters, remember the steps to control road, not too vigorously to avoid injuring glass lens inside the lens.

Step3: re-use needle-nose pliers to carefully pick out the broken glass.

Step4: After a good clear glass fragments, then nose pliers live filters border, towards the center of curvature.

Step5: After loosening the filter frame, put it up, we successfully resolved it!

If you have a filter stuck troubled mind will feel the above methods are under tremendous pressure, we find another burden on the network compared with no solution: the use of non-slip slip mat, the lens filter down, put Anti-slip mat in the head, a slight pressure on the rotation of the lens, the filter will be able to take down Oh!

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