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Saturday, 12 July 2014

IFIND-Not the same Bluetooth Tracker: iFind readily available supply of electromagnetic waves, is expected to solve the problem of battery life

Battery life has been restricting the development of intelligent hardware is a major problem. Help products repeatedly charged, often when dues, cumbersome, costly and occasionally have to replace the battery. Recently, people on Kickstarter launched a fund-raising Bluetooth anti-lost tracker iFind seem to solve this problem, known can never truly be charged.
Function, similar to the market tracker iFind. Users can be placed or affixed iFind important items need to be tracked, and paired with your phone via Bluetooth, to do for track important items with anti-tracking. 

iFind biggest feature is that it is truly free charging. According iFind that the air around us is filled with a myriad of electromagnetic waves, such as mobile phone signals, television signals, radio signals, etc. These can be collected, as the current drive intelligent hardware, and on the use of this technology iFind . Bluetooth phone when iFind receive instruction, this electromagnetic signals themselves can be converted into electrical energy, for the use or stored for later use. So that users do not have to help charge the device, of course, saving the cost of replacing the battery.

VIDEO for More info https://d2pq0u4uni88oo.cloudfront.net/projects/952977/video-381713-h264_high.mp4 

iFind R & D team is located in Texas's WeTag company, team proficient in implantable devices and wireless systems, team members already have someone over 30 years of experience in the field of electronic integrated circuits.

IFind is currently being initiated by the masses Kickstarter fundraising, on-line 10 days has raised more than 14 million dollars, is expected this fall in the United States. The relatively well-known Bringrr, WiseButton, Treasure Tag and other tracking devices, prices generally around 30 dollars, iFind people raising the lowest price at $ 14-16, can be considered in terms of price competitive.

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