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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

5 Awesome New iOS 8 New Features

1. Keyboard

In iOS 8, apple has made it possible for developers to incorporate their own keyboards, such as the one above called Swype. Another keyboard feature is the ability of the keyboard to very accurately predict your next word based on the sentence structure. It will also learn based on who you are talking to and the context of the situation.

2. Group Chat

Finally, our prayers have been answered. We all hate being in an annoying group chat and getting endless notifications. Now however, you can take control of the group chat. You can leave the chat, or if you’re the leader, kick people out of you’re group chat.

3. Location Sharing

One of the coolest features of iOS 8 is the ability to share your location while in a group chat. This will come in handy while on a road trip, no longer will you get lost from the group!

4. Touch ID

Integrated in iOS 7, Touch ID uses a fingerprint scanner in the place of the home button as a passcode lock. Now is iOS 8 apple is integrating this technology into other apps. Third party applications will also be able to use this technology in their apps as a passcode. Definitely an very good advancement in technology.

5. Siri

Siri has had significant upgrades, such as the integration of apps such as Shazam. You can now listen to a song and Siri will automatically find the song on the iTunes store to buy.

The new version, which will be available to iPhones and iPad’s this fall, has a ton of new features that many people have been asking for, and speculating about. The first big feature brings what we’ve all wanted… The others are awesome too, check out all 8 awesome new features in this gallery. BTW Our webmaster checks out our site’s analytics from time to time and notices over 70% of our website’s mobile visitors have an iPhone! That’s a very high percentage! To which feature are you looking forward the most, what do you guys want the most? – The Fascinating Pics Team

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