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Monday, 3 June 2013

The New ColourSoft Contact lens

Famcart Online Store Open a new Beauty and Fashion Product Market . and we are Provide the best contact lens in Malaysia  - Coloursoft Contact Lens   .

This is the Good Contact lens brand , and 100% safety for every buyer wear , and we are 15mm design for the bigger eye effect .

The ColourSoft Contact Lens is the High Quality and 100% Safety COntact lens Product in Market   
The Design as Sandwich Method for safety colour locked and with UV special surface coating
Coloursoft feture is " Bigger effect for your eye become natural " 
Material : Hema 
B.C  : 8.6
DIA : 15.00mm /14.2mm
Water contents : 45% 
Power : PL/-1.00 to -6.00(25 steps ) 
PL/-6 to 8.00 ( 50steps)
Made in Korea

All The detail you can refer : ==> http://famcart.com.my/fashion/contact-lens

Remark :
The best Malaysia Contact lens 
Low price contact Lens  in Malaysia 
safety contact lens brand 
how to choice good contact lens ? 


  1. The colors and designs are very well created for giving a subtle beautiful look to your eyes and make them look mesmerizing then ever before.


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