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Saturday, 12 July 2014

10 You might not know iOS gestures skills!

Although iOS8 also about to launch, but there are some tips you may iOS7 not know! There are some you can continue to use the iOS8, and live it well is important! Look you still do not know which one is right!

1) Return to the previous screen slide right

In fact, it began to have a function in iOS7, and among native applications are fully supports this feature, but in most promising iOS7 optimized applications can use this one gesture.

Actual use:
When you see a thing when I wanted to return to the previous page, you may be struggling to stick your fingers into the top left of the screen to press the return key, in fact, you only need the far left of the screen to the right in a slide which can be completed an action is necessary.
2). IMessage displays detailed transceiver time 

iMessage in one of the most annoying feature is no transceiver time, often only a rough time to start a conversation, all of a sudden have the time it is hard to forget the time he is not ruling late reply or something. In fact, the same iOS7 have started this feature, but a marker iOS these collections have been very good, even not everyone knows. 

Actual use: 

In iMessage, find your time watching to see which messages to send and receive accurate, according to a sliding screen to the left, continue pressing the hold, you can see the time stamp.

3) Shake in the mail about your device now! 

Shake to undo what has been is not a new technique, and has been through since you can shake the device to return to the previous step, for example, when entering text can also shake the device to remove what had just entered text. But in iOS7 this function was taken into "Mail" app being. You are not careful when accidentally deleted e-mail through this can also be a way to recover ah! 

Actual use: 

You delete a message, or e-mail filtering some time. You can pick up the device, so shake it, the screen will appear a window asking if you want to redo the above action.

4 ) speed back to your draft message 

Sometimes when you write an email, do not leave what inevitably open Whatsapp or Safari to confirm the information, or even open another email. Then copy the data to e-mail within this time you will save a draft, then how can come back again into their own drafts and do not re-start it. 

Actual use: 

When you save a draft of the time, back into the mail app again, the bottom right there is a "new mail" symbol (a pen on the square). You just need to hold it down, it will automatically enter into the draft bar, so you choose to continue to prepare drafts!

5. Accelerate the speed you enter the URL 

When you enter the URL of the ten million characters when, iOS also hope to help you out, if only. Com or. Net for a few characters. In fact, many times, but also some common URL suffix without their own input. 

Actual use: 

Enter the URL when long press "." Symbol will appear several popular choice, the regional language, and so will have to make these choices, respectively, but the ". Com" ". Net" Some of these are also some !

6.iPad special! Long press "," call out "'" 

Enter text in iOS is not difficult, but sometimes it will be because you want to enter different "rare symbol" and the overall work slowdowns or make you feel irritable and so on. In fact, the iPad to enter "'" (ie I'm a boy. In that one symbol) do not need to find everywhere. 

Actual use: 

Among the traditional QWERTY keyboard, just in the lower right "," long press and hold, that there will be "'" to choose from! So that you can enter more symbols in the case does not convert the keyboard!
7 ) native calendar is actually very easy to move to amend the itinerary one second that is OK! 

Most sometimes make you choose to use other calendars reason is because the interface is hard to use and editing features little more. In fact, the native calendar is also convenient for several magical techniques you might slovenly not know, do not know if it will make you change your mind again using the native calendar should do it? 

Actual use: 

When you press a good time to build an itinerary, when in fact the start time and the time required to do so slowly setting, users only need to press the items, you can drag yourself start time, more items on the bottom there is a small dot, users can also be required to lengthen or shorten the time required activities.
8)  IPad exclusive! Four fingers and five fingers gesture speed back to the main screen! 

Double-click the Home button if you feel you can not reach the speed of mind, then this little tricks you must know it! Four-finger gestures were two, then refers to a 5. 

Actual use: 

Four fingers (a): When you slide up to four fingers anywhere on the screen, you can summon a list of multi-tasking, double-click the Home button instead of the action, but you can extend the life of the Home key! In contrast, four fingers on the screen to turn off the decline is multi-tasking. 

Four fingers (two): When you're in an app to a sliding four fingers left on the screen, you can just switch to a recently used app. Thereafter, you can also left again, or right to slide, stop switch in the most recently used app. 

Fingers: a app among your fingers to the middle of the screen can be a catch (swipe), you can click the Home button instead of the function, back on the main screen!

9)  Close an app, no need to press the "x" button. 

Before iOS7, want to manually close an app, press the multi-tasking needs in one app, and then press the "x" to close the action, after iOS7 updates, re-create the multi-tasking interface, some users do not even know how to manually close an app. While Apple has said there is no need for this one, but sometimes when problems arise app, this technique is also necessary to understand. 

Actual use: 

After you press the Home button twice to call out the multi-tasking bar, to find out plan to manually close the app, press and hold in his preview, and to close the app on a slide, you can manually.

10 Control "Control Center" can be used when 

Control Center is undoubtedly a good design, but also a certain degree repugnant design, you happily Cesi melon, fled the temple when accidentally pulled the control center, but a people have wanted to smash phone feeling! In fact, iOS also promising you thought this is a problem, so you can avoid problems. Of course, if you do not regularly encounter this phenomenon, then, is it in any place can also call out would be more convenient for it! 

Actual use: 

In the settings, locate the control center, which has two different options allows you to switch. If you regularly while playing the game, unfortunately opened the Control Center, then close the second option will let one way you can continue to swim!

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