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Saturday, 12 July 2014

10 Ways make your Mac look very Professional

Something everyone will use, cleverly different. Many people will buy a Mac to let people think you have good taste, but as long as I open the Mac, the boot screen appears Window, the moment Johnson degrees on the rapid rise. So let others think you Mac with a very professional, Come, learn these 10 strokes.

1) . Using shortcuts (hotkeys Hot key)

Over eighty percent of female friends feel handsome man with shortcut keys, and 78% of men think girls use the shortcut key is a symbol of wisdom, which is why we have been continuously published Mac keyboard shortcuts article.
Picture from : martin

2) does not shut down

Many first contact with Mac friends will raise this question, I would tell them: "? You phone you usually have in the shutdown of computer technology are good now, do not need to shut up already," I once met a come to our place of business proposals and hope that we can advertise on their side, because the other side is also known as a professional Mac media. We sat down, I think he took his Mac, and then press the Power button to boot ...

The moment I knew who were more professional. (Sound mystery: they might just computer people running out of power only)

Do not shut down, use hibernation instead of Oh!

Picture from : Brett Jordan

3) . Know how to use "drag release" approach to Web Images grasping down

Right-click Save Picture still out on Johnson, but also directly to the Mac Keynote picture caught inside, giving presentations super smoothly. This function can also be Windows actually matter, but I do not know why, that very few people use.

4)  no external mouse to the coffee shop

Every time I see those strangers who use the mouse at Starbucks (in particular also owned a mouse pad), I always wanted to go forward told him how handy Mac trackpad: Come on, give yourself a Recognizing the opportunity to re-trackpad it ~

5) To change the default programs on the Dock

6) . Know hotspot settings screen (or use the trackpad gestures)

Hot setting lets you rapidly switch between windows and desktops. But I fear someone told me borrow a computer, I accidentally hit the hot set bewildered look. But I'm used to, and I try my best to explain each other hotspots in the end is what Mac, but unfortunately, no one ever understand.

▲ Set hotspots can be common in trackpad and mouse, very recommended

▲ I was in Safari Previous, Next gesture handsome, so quit passed from Chrome

7)  did not forget to turn off applications

Most people who are new to the Mac as long as the cross on the top left corner point, the program will switch off. The correct approach should be closed by the fishes Command-Q, Q is the Quit (end) mean, this Apple should allow customers to open a box made ​​of stickers will see better!

▲ error demonstration! Do you have the best time with so many software

8) do not forget to quit the dmg image file

Most Mac installation file is a virtual disc image file named dmg, so the file will appear on the desktop opens, exhausted after the file according to Command-E to exit (meaning that Eject), or right-click to select "Exit" can do, or put it in the trash, too (it will become "Exit" sign).

9) . ITunes Ministry of full ~ ~ ~ ~ There are professionals Series ~ ~ ~ face closure

This is a very complex computer usage behavior, at this point I think Jobs did successfully moved entities music experience digital music, each album cover is a designer painstaking work, it can show it is not very pleasing yet ?

10) There Sticker

The more stickers, looks more professional, but the premise is to have a taste. I have seen this is the most handsome Mac! But this is purely my personal preference, because there are friends like pure Mac

Picture from :LoKan Sardari

Post Information from : Techbang

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