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Friday, 15 May 2015

You line up to sell their kidneys can not buy Apple limited edition

Most people are familiar with Apple's well-known products, such as iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and the like. But in fact, Apple has produced over the years a lot of the little-known rare products, including a limited edition of TAM computers, headsets, and Apple's own gold jewelry, clothing and so on. Although we have been unable to buy these products from Apple today, but the US mainstream network media BI can take us back a taste of their style under.

[Apple] rainbow-colored flags hanging wall hangings in 1983, Apple has worked with artists Myra Burg, to create a limited edition of Apple's rainbow-colored flags hanging wall hangings, as Apple gift sales. Apple Pop-Up museum that Apple only produced and sold 25 sets of pendants, each of which is made of Berg personally, priced at $ 350. There are two sets of pendant as a gift to Apple founder Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

[20th Anniversary Edition] Mac computers to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company, Apple introduced a 20th anniversary edition of Mac computers (referred TAM). The computers first appeared in 1997, priced at $ 7,499. As one of the first design Jonathan Ivy joined Apple after, TAM has its own special design, including dual Bose speakers and satellite speakers. In addition, TAM also unique startup sound, and other Apple products different.

[Apple IIGS computer Wards signature] To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the company, Apple produced 50,000 limited edition IIGS computer, engraved with the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak shorthand signature on their front housing "Woz". Such rare Mac users can also send their registry to Apple, Wozniak and Apple in exchange for 12 top engineers signature machine to print a certificate.

[Apple 1986 home accessories] 1986, Apple introduced the "The Apple Collection", including a series of home accessories with the Apple logo. Apple's trendy product suite includes an umbrella, a knife, a towel, a cup and a round dial watch.

[Apple 1986] In addition to clothing, home accessories, Apple "The Apple Collection" also marked its growth into the fashion industry, whose products include loose sweatshirt, windbreaker, shirt with a pattern of polo and children's clothing.

[Apple Product Red gold EarPod] in 2013, in order to help "Product Red" charity event to raise money, Apple designer Jonathan Ivy has created a unique gold headphones EarPod, priced at $ 461,000.

[With a gold chain belt Apple Watch] Apple has issued a few Gold Edition Apple Watch Edition, including with a gold chain belt Apple Watch, you can not buy in the market. Pop singer Beyoncé, rapper Kanye West, fashion designer Lafayette, who can be seen wearing a gold bracelet with the rare of Apple Watch.

[Apple] Apple Product Red Mac Pro Ivey designer who in 2013 "Product Red" charity auction to design a unique red Mac Pro computer, the auction price of up to $ 977,000, became the most expensive computers.

[Apple iPod U2 Special Edition] Apple has worked with rock band U2, to create a special version of the fourth-generation iPod. Overall it appears black, but the control button is red. This particular version of the iPod has been discontinued, its signature on the back of four members of the band U2, and even comes with a special edition U2 poster.

[Apple Watch] Tim Cook Apple CEO Tim Cook Apple Watch smart watches are unique in the world. Apple Watch this sports version, stainless steel case, side with custom crown red numbers. Now, Apple has not sold this style of Apple Watch. (Sailing)

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