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Friday, 29 May 2015

World's top ten best-selling mobile phone -Biggest Smartphone manufactures by Unit sales in Q1 2015

Tencent Digital News (Wu Bin) Communities Dominate Brands recently announced 2015 sales report Q1 global smartphone market, this report shows that in the first quarter of this year, Samsung sold 82.8 million smart phones around Taiwan, accounting for the global smart phone 24.3% of sales, followed by apples, Q1 sold a total of 61.6 million sets about iPhone, accounting for 17.9%.

Sales performance compared to Q4 of last year, Samsung rose 4.2 percent, while Apple fell 2.2%.

3-10 names rankings, ranked fifth in addition to LG, the rest of the term of all seven occupied domestic mobile phone manufacturers.

Which incorporates Lenovo Motorola's handset business, the sales data Q1 of domestic mobile phone manufacturers the best, reaching 5.5%, followed by more than 0.4 percentage points from Huawei.

It is worth mentioning that the tenth is occupied vivo, vivo is the new list were mobile phone manufacturers, last year ranked tenth or Sony. Now you do not see, like Sony, HTC and Microsoft Lumia this name appears in the TOP10 in.

And vivo is the first among the TOP10 list, and was squeezed down it is Sony, Microsoft such international giants. In the first quarter of this year, vivo in China continue to secure market apart, it has to enter India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and other overseas markets, which for vivo opens up broader market space, 9.3 million units sold is a good market feedback, and you know, vivo rely on such sales is not cheap machines and thousands of machine pile up, it is not difficult to see vivo to enhance brand value. If vivo continue to maintain this momentum, then it moved up one rank again is not impossible to do.

Operating system market share terms, Android continues to occupy an overwhelming 77 percent market share of the top spot, after iOS accounted for 18%, and was the world's three major mobile operating systems Microsoft WP, share only there are poor 3%, and the huge gap between iOS, let alone catch up Android. From the data, the so-called three operating systems were the first, Microsoft is clearly good enough.

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