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Friday, 22 May 2015

Avantree Sacool Bluetooth Headset available in Famcart Now .

Avantree Sacool Bluetooth Headset AS8

Many users prefer to listen to music while driving or sports or radio to increase the fun, but cable or mono headset, except the wire impede action with a home, often touching the wire to make it to the ears of the fall, very cumbersome, and single channel headphone surround sound could not provide a more sound, sound greatly reduced. Avantree previously announced Sacool Bluetooth headset can provide a good choice, lightweight body, the use of dual-ear ear design provides surround sound audio, and support for Bluetooth wireless data transmission, eliminating the line stalking trouble. 4

Avantree Sacool Bluetooth headset looks fresh vitality, color match in the warp and mustard green or sky blue, black or white to match the headset to make more dynamic, versatile key, volume control keys, Micro-USB port and microphone set on the left side headphone to soft surround Kibe, appearance and texture better.

Is active with the design, the use of dual-channel in-ear design, can output surround sound, the better and more effectively isolated from the outside noise, and offers three different sizes of ear, ear with different home can also wear comfortable . When equipped with the wire at the top of ear family bypassed gently into the ear and the headset and tune in a comfortable position, you feel comfortable and light.

In addition, especially for sports with family problems frequently encountered, such as during exercise, disturbing headphones often fall, so Avantree Sacool Bluetooth headset try to make the body more light, eliminating the decline due to the weight of the headset to make trouble, machine when wearing body only 18g, suitable for running, fitness and other sports. In addition, connecting both sides of the headset wire using a flat design, so that the wire is so durable and difficult struggle.

Support A2DP stereo sound, out of wire stalking trouble

Avantree Sacool Bluetooth headset and more built-in microphone in the headset, users can listen to music in addition to, but also can be a voice through language through Avantree Sacool. The use of Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR transmission standard, support A2DP "Advenced Audio Distribution Profile" provides stereo sound, but at the same time so that when the language used at home to pass, more clear and stable.

Meanwhile, Avantree Sacool Bluetooth headset 120mAh lithium battery charging via Micro-USB, according to official testing, can provide more than six hours of time through language and listen to the sound, when the standby time of up to 120. At the same time, paired with simple playback device, press the left side of the headphones' multi-function key "ten seconds until the intermittent flashing red and blue LED indicator appears in the device can be paired. After pairing while listening to music, the headset automatically receive an incoming call, just press the 'multi-function key "will be able to carry out through language, it is very convenient.

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  1. The best Bluetooth headsets allow you to take calls, stream music and pair multiple phones and audio players simultaneously and wireless.Bluetooth music headset - Sacool. Avantree Sacool, is a stylish Bluetooth stereo headset with a splash-proof design for outdoor use. With hi-fi stereo sound for both crystal clear music and phone audio, this tiny Bluetooth stereo headset offers 5 hours music time.

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