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Thursday, 9 June 2016

JJC MT-636 Multi-Exposure LCD Timer Remote For Canon Nikon Fujifilm Olympus Panasonic Sony Digital Camera (Cable no including )

The JJC MT-636 Multi-Exposure Timer & Infrared Remote is a remote switch inbuilt self-timer, interval timer, multi-long exposure timer, and exposure-count setting features. What’s more, this remote has inbuilt infrared code for CANON, NIKON, SONY, OLYMPUS, PENTAX, SAMSUNG cameras. It can trigger the camera either wired or wireless. So it is a good way to prevent camera shake, this is perfect for taking long exposure photos. The timer can be set anywhere from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds. A dial enables you easily enter the numeric settings with a single thumb. The LCD panel can also be illuminated. All these features make it good for time-lapse photography.
- Delay Timer: 99 hours, 59minutes, 59seconds
- Interval Timer: 99 hours, 59minutes, 59seconds
- Exposure Counter: 999 shoots or unlimited
- Multi-Exposure Timer: up to 9 different exposure timer groups
- Inbuilt infrared code for CANON, NIKON, SONY, OLYMPUS, PENTAX, SAMSUNG cameras
Timer Functions
- You can set the timer delays, multi-exposure times, and intervals up to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds in one second increments.
Exposure Function
- MT-636 enables you to select anywhere from one to 999 continuous shots, or you can set the device to take an unlimited number of photos.
Multi Exposure Timer
- MT-636 enables you to set up to 9 different exposures time in one setting, let you can easy find out which is your best exposure time for your shooting.
LCD Display
- The backlit LCD display panel gives you a visual reference so you can enable the following functions: self-timer, exposure, interval, and number of shots. It also act as a status indicator for battery life, timer functions, lock indicator, number of shots, and more.
Audible Beep
- MT-636 will give you an audible beep for the last three seconds of a countdown delay or interval. It will also beep to confirm your settings. The beep can be turned off if necessary.
Long Battery Life
- Powered by two "AAA" batteries, it can last for about 2 months.
Dimensions: Approx 110 × 45 × 22mm
Weight: Approx 72g
Battery Type: 2 AAA batteries / LR03 alkaline batteries
Operating temperature: -20 to +52°C
Fujifilm X-S1 X-E1 S20 FinePix HS35EXR HS30EXR HS33EXR HS25EXR HS28EXR HS22EXR HS20EXR S200EXR S205EXR IS-1 S9600 S9500 S9100 S9000 S100FS Replace Fujifilm RR-80
Product Code
Warranty Period one years
Warranty Type Manufacture

Product Visit: http://famcart.com.my/jjc/JJC-MT-636-lcd-timer-remote-canon-cable.html?page=4


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