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Friday, 24 June 2016

JJC Cleaning Dry Wet CCD Cmos Sensor Swab 8pcs (CL-SWAB2)

The JJC CCD/CMOS Swabs are designed for cleaning the imaging sensor of DSLR Cameras and other delicate or hard to reach optical and imaging surfaces. Clean room manufactured and sealed, these swabs are the ultimate in purity.
Laundered polyurethane Clean Foam head over flexible paddle
High density clean foam
Long, light white polypropylene handle
Thermally bonded head
Soft and nonabrasive

In order for you to use CCD / COMS cleaning rod have the best cleaning results, we recommend conditional friends can learn the following ways:
1. Let the family bathroom open and closed doors and hot water for 10-20 minutes
2.30-40 minutes after the hot shower cap casual headband after entering ready to start cleaning.
3. Turn on the Yuba start cleaning.
Reports indicate that at this time the family bathroom is the smallest dust place 10-20 minutes duration sufficient to clean CCD work.
CCD cleaning rod to use (various camera turned reflective panels inconsistent, subject to your camera manual, basic to the B gate or menu selection cleaning CCD / CMOS)
Lift the rear reflectors, CCD will be displayed in front of you, with the aid of a small flashlight or light Yuba first check whether there is a clear visible dust, if any, that this
It is important to clean up the place.
In the clean-up can begin before the camera CCD / CMOS face down in front of a blower with a strong CCD / CMOS blowing several times to remove part of the dust and check again.
The CCD / CMOS cleaning rod put to an end, and CCD / CMOS perpendicular to the surface, and a little harder to make in front of a small tongue cleaning rod in CCD / CMOS wipe the surface of the table
Face, then from side to side and gently smooth over or push pull over, after reversing cleaning rod to the other side in the opposite direction and then wipe again, this time CCD / CMOS
Success should be cleaned up.
If the CCD / CMOS above the dust cleared a little tacky not a one-time, you can use the front part of the tongue cleaning rod coated with the appropriate part distilled or deionized water,
Not too much, but can not go wipe CCD / CMOS in the case of dripping, stick to clean microfiber cloth can be a little bit of humidity (the easiest way to
Is as long as the head of the tongue cleaning rod portion of a corner hit the water, you will see the water going up along wove, 1/2 went to another corner and then repeating the same movement
As you can, do the whole tongue into the water), and unless it is really dirty major oil adsorption tenacious dirt highly recommended with CCD / CMOS professionals
Cleaning fluid, preferably the original (usually things that are original or certified through the original can be used), severe personal use is not recommended for casual sell out
Organic solvents (purity is not high, easy to leave white mist wipe, but also damage to the low-pass coating, of course the situation is even worst wipe down with film),
Any manufacturers of formulations own cleaning solution is confidential, our common organic solvents, especially for the low-pass filter is corrosive coating, the choice of a good
After a suitable solvent, after wiping the surface coated tongue cleaning solution suitable volatile solvent such little bit to repeat the action (immediately after rubbing well as not painted).
£Note 1: clean again before the camera must be careful to check the battery charge or directly plugged to prevent sudden
However, enough electricity damaged reflectors rebound! ! !
£Note 2: In the cleaning rod for cleaning before opening, you can feel the front of the bag across your own elastic tongue and gently
About bending, so during the cleaning action when the tongue can become more gentle that particular special cold outdoors
(Do not worry tongue break)! !
#Note 3: Recently some customers have reported that after cleaning residual traces or unclean, mainly:
1, there is no first before cleaning to remove relatively large dust particles, directly cleaned with cleaning fluid stick, so even done, there will be classes
Like the traces left behind when the Cabo; when this happens, do not go with a cleaning solution, and so it is completely dry down,
Sweep with dry cleaning rod down, and then the right amount of cleaning solution to clean, dry and then try.
2. When using cleaning fluid dynamics squeeze rods must pay attention to many customers at once crowded a lot, but to clean the trouble.

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