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Friday, 3 June 2016

JJC FC-SB500 Flash Diffuser for Nikon SB500 SB 500 Speedlite

JJC FC-SB500 flash diffuser is specifically designed for NIKON SPEEDLIGHT SB-500 and fits closely your speed light. With the flash diffuser, light will not come from one concentrated source (like a spotlight), but be spread out. So it softens the light output of a flash and reduces harsh shadows caused by direct illumination, and then produces a more natural glow. Flash diffuser is particularly useful for portrait photographers, since harsh light and hard shadows are usually not considered flattering in a portrait while the flash diffuser. What’s more, JJC FC-SB500 is made of soft PP material which does no harm to the head of your speedlight. With JJC FC-SB500 flash diffuser, you will get more pictures of high quality.
Softens and diffuses light   
Lightweight and compact
Useful for portrait photography
Custom tailored for NIKON SPEEDLIGHT SB-500
Product Code
Warranty Period 1 years
Warranty Type manufacturer

Product Visit: http://famcart.com.my/jjc/jjc-fc-sb500-flash-diffuser.html


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