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Thursday, 23 April 2015

This Picture Shows How Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO Affect Your Photos

Here’s a helpful little infographic that has been floating around the Web. It’s a simple look at how the “exposure triangle” — aperture, shutter speed, and ISO — affect the outcome of photographs. It’s not a complete picture, of course (for example, it doesn’t say why you’d ever choose a higher ISO versus a lower one), but it could be a nice illustrated reference for those just starting out in photography.

The image was made by Daniel Peters of Photoblog Hamburg, where you can download a printable PDF of it.

(via New Mobile Life via Lifehack)

Original Post from : http://petapixel.com/2015/04/22/this-picture-shows-how-aperture-shutter-speed-and-iso-affect-your-photos/

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