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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Sony NEX Extension Tube (Manual) Available in Famcart

Sony Mount (NEX)

Product Visit : http://famcart.com.my/macro-extension-tubes-ring-for-sony-nex-e-mount-nex-mount.html

SONY NEX E-Mount , for SONY NEX5 / NEX3
It moves the lens farther from the film or digital sensor. The farther away the lens is, the closer the focus, the greater the magnification.
This extension tube does not affect image quality as there is no optics inside. In comparison, a close up filters are often blamed for degrading image quality.
Brand new, never used;
Made of metal (not plastic);
color : black

On most lenses, the manufacturers provide a focusing mechanism that extends only a few millimetres, partly to keep down costs and partly to restrict the lens to extensions for which its optics are optimised. To provide additional extension, one or more extension tubes can be added between the camera and the lens, to make the lens focus at closer distances and therefore produce higher magnification.

This brand new Macro Extension Tube Set for Sony NEX camera includes 3 extension tubes - 9mm, 16mm, 30mm adapters and a male & female adapter. You may mount the tubes between lens and camera body to get your choice of macro ranges. There are totally 8 combinations.
Use this set will not downgrade the optical quality of your lens. Sharpness and Saturation can be still maintained. But they are not meter-coupled. They do not preserve the automatic diaphragm. It should be used with manual lenses with their own aperture dial. There is no electronic connection between the body and the lens. Automatic lenses can be used with their widest open aperture only.
When using the extension ring with a Canon body, the camera should be set in the manual mode.

djustable Length

This extension tube consists of 5 parts:

Camera Body Mount Adapter
Lens Mount Adapter
Tube 1
Tube 2
Tube 3

Why are lens extension tubes useful?

When a photographer increases the distance of the lens further away from the body of the camera, it allows them to move closer to what they are photographing while at the same time keeping focus. This is particularly useful for macro photography where you want to be as close to the subject as possible. Without the extension tube your digital camera will uncontrollably blink numerous times to let you know your too close and you won't be able to take the photograph until you move further away. 

Do extension tubes effect image quality?

Extension tubes do not effect image quality due to the fact that it is not optically changing your camera lens. The macro photograph of a water droplet below was taken with Fotogen generic brand extension tubes attached to my macro lens

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