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Saturday, 17 January 2015

JJC LED-8 Mobile and Camera Selfie Led light Available in Malaysia Now

JJC New LED-8 available in Malaysia , special for Mobile Selfie and Camera Video . 

JJC LED-8 Mini Video Light is powered by eight powerful LED lamps. The LED-8 can be used on most cameras with a standard hot shoe. In addition, it also can be used on a 
phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack. There are three mount holes on the LED-8 bottom for you to choose. 

When powered on, the indicators on the LED-8 back will tell you the residual amount of power. Now JJC LED-8 video light will help you get sharper pictures and videos with better color.
If you press the button, LED-8 will light for 30s then automatically off. 

The lightness is also adjustable to meet your different needs. JJC LED-8 package provides you a USB cable and it will be charged by a PC, laptop, portable mobile 

power or other devices equipped with a USB port, this makes it an environment-friendly product. 
LED-8 body has a in-built over-heat protection system and will automatically off when a high temperature appears. This LED light also features a small size and weight in order to be easily put into a bag for easy carrying. and portable for easy carrying 
Get sharper pictures and videos with better color 
Can be mount to any DSLR with standard shoe
Also allow the use on a cellphone with 3.5mm headphone jack 
Provides you a USB cable to be charged from any USB source 
The lightness is adjustable to meet your different needs 

Size: 70mm x 42mm x 15mm 
Weight: Draw: 2W
Voltage Range: 3-5V
Power Supply: 5V Micro Temperature: 5600K 
Full Charge Time: 2.5 hours through a USB source 
LED Life: Can be repeatedly charged and discharged for 500 times 
Electric Capacity(100% charged): Constantly run for 60 minutes at half brilliancy ; Constantly run for 30 minutes even in the greatest b

Market Price : RM115 ++


Distributor BY : Econ Technology Gadget Sdn Bhd


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