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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Proocam Professional Camera Battery in Famcart Online Store . One Years Warranty , The Best compatible camera battery

The Proocam Battery for Professional DSLR and Camera Battery , One year warranty , High Quality Product , 100% High Capacity

Proocam Camera Accessories Digital Battery Found at 2012  By Econ Technology (M) ( sa0192404-k)  Company ,We are the Professional Camera Battery Pack Supplier in Malaysia , Our Production From China  , Shenzhen.

We are provide the Good Quality and Safety spec to Camera Battery . All Digital Camera Battery test by Actual Digital DSLR , Camera . We are confidence we are Provide more good Quality Battery Product in Market .

Product Quality Control

The Product all available in QC Check before delivery , The Proocam Camera Battery feature is Long LIfe , Best Sate, Fully fit , High Capacity

Our Camera Battery Product all Approve by


2) PONY -MSDS REPORT  (2013)

Long Life  
Our Camera Battery made in High Quality Material , and we are control for long life Use time
Original PCB
All model Camera Battery including Original PCB Inside
Perfect FIt 
We are manufacture battery all approve by original Camera Body 
Best Safe
The Battery before packing we are doing the eletrical safe test 
Full Capacity
All Battery model COme  same capacity with Original Battery

Product List Out : 

Proocam Canon LP-E10 Battery for Canon EOS 5D/10D, PowerShot G1/G2, FV camcorder FV10/FV100

Proocam Canon Battery Lp-E12 for Canon EOS-M , 100D Camera
Proocam Canon BP-511A Battery for Canon EOS 30D, EOS 10D, FV10, FV100, PowerShot G1, G2

Proocam Canon LP-E5 Compatible Battery for Canon EOS 450D, 500D, 1000D

Proocam Canon LP-E6 Compatible Battery for Canon EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D, EOS 60D
Proocam Canon LP-E8 Compatible Battery for Canon 550D 600D

Proocam Canon NB-10L Compatible Battery for Canon G1X

Proocam Canon NB-1LH Compatible Battery for Canon Digital IXUS, PowerShot S, IXY Digital

Proocam Canon NB-2LH Compatible Battery for Canon DC310 DC320 DC330

Proocam Canon NB-3L Compatible Battery for Canon PowerShot SD10, SD100, SD20

Proocam Canon NB-4L Compatible Battery for Canon PowerShot SD1000, SD200, SD30

Proocam Canon NB-7L Compatible Battery for Canon PowerShot G10 G11 G12

Proocam Canon NB-9L Compatible Battery for Canon PowerShot N,SD4500 IS,Canon ELPH 520HS, IXUS 1000HS

Proocam Nikon EL-3A Compatible Battery for Nikon D3,D50,D70,D100SLR

Proocam Nikon EL-9 Compatible Battery for Nikon D40, D60, D3000, D5000 DSLR

Proocam Nikon EN-EL12 Compatible Battery for Nikon Coolpix S610 & S610C Digital Cameras

Proocam Nikon EN-EL14 Compatible Battery for Nikon D3100, D5100 DSLR AND COOLPIX P7000

Proocam Nikon EN-EL15 Compatible Battery for Nikon D7100, D600, D800, D800E

Proocam Panasonic Lumix CGA-S008/BCE-10E Compatible Battery for Panasonic DMC-FS5, DMC-FS20,DMC-FX36

Proocam Panasonic Lumix BCG-10E Compatible Battery for Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5, DMC-TZ6, DMC-TZ7

Proocam Panasonic Lumix CGA-S005E Compatible Battery for Panasonic Lumix DMC- FX07EF-S, DMC-FS1, DMC-FS2

Proocam Panasonic Lumix CGA-S009/BCF-10E Compatible Battery for Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1, DMC-FT1, DMC-FS6

Proocam Panasonic Lumix CGR-S006E Compatible Battery for Panasonic FZ50, FZ7, FZ18

Proocam Panasonic Lumix CGR-S007E Compatible Battery for Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1, DMW-BCD10

Proocam Sony NP-FH50 compatible Battery for Sony DSLR-A230, A330, A290, A390http://famcart.com.my/proocam/gred-aaa-sony-np-fh50-oem-battery-for-sony-dslr-a230-a330-a290-a390?page=2

Proocam Sony NP-FM50 compatible Battery for Sony DSC-F707, F717, S30, MVC-CD250

Proocam Sony NP-FW50 Compatible Battery for Sony Sony Alpha NEX Series, Cameras DSLR-SLT-A33, DSLR-SLT-A55

Proocam Warranty Malaysia : http://proocam.com/warranty-service
More Proocam Camera Product : http://proocam.com/
Proocam Category : http://famcart.com.my/proocam
Wholesale or Distributor : www.econtechnology.com.my

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