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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Fujitsu Battery in Malaysia Famcart Online Store Same quality with Sanyo Eneloop Battery

This Battery Brand From Japan FDK Manufacture , and this is technology and factory fron Sanyo Eneloop .  And this is the high capacity and ready to use battery in market .

OSAKA, Oct. 28 Kyodo 


Sanyo Electric Co. said Wednesday it plans to sell parts of its rechargeable battery business to FDK Corp., a Fujitsu Ltd. unit, for 6.4 billion yen to pave the way for an early approval from overseas antitrust authorities for it to become a Panasonic Corp. subsidiary. 

Panasonic's plan to take over Sanyo has been stalled due to delays in obtaining approval from antitrust bodies in the United States and China on concerns over the size of the two firms' combined share of the global nickel-hydrogen battery market. 

The deal has already been approved by the Japan Fair Trade Commission and most recently by the European Commission on condition that Sanyo reduce some of its battery production facilities. 

The Osaka-based manufacturer is expected to sell Sanyo Energy Twicell Co., the only unit that makes nickel metal hydride batteries under the ''eneloop'' brand and other rechargeable batteries for use in computers and game consoles. Sanyo Energy Tottori Co., another unit that makes cylindrical lithium batteries, will also be sold to FDK. 

While handing over the manufacturing of its signature eneloop products to FDK, Sanyo will continue to handle product planning and distribution by purchasing them from the Japanese electronic parts maker. 

The company is anticipating a consolidated loss of 9 billion yen from the sale of the two units but added that the figure has already been incorporated into its latest earnings forecast. 

The planned deal will also not affect operations for nickel metal hydride batteries for use in gas-electric hybrid vehicles. Sanyo currently supplies the batteries to automakers, including for Honda Motor Co.'s Insight hybrid.

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In 2009 and 2010 Panasonic acquired Sanyo Electric. Since then they have been gradually making changes to the Sanyo line of products. After the acquisition, manufacturing of Sanyo's NiHM batteries (3rd generation) was moved to the FDK factory (owned by Fujitsu) in Japan. See this Fujitsu FDK site for details on their NiMH batteries and chargers. FDK claim to be the world's leading manufacturer of NiMH batteries! From their web site:At a 2010 survey, FDK had No.1 market share (27%) not only in Japan but also all over the world!
These batteries have similar specifications, and seem to be nearly identical. Just google "Sanyo Eneloop manufactured by FDK"! Due to legal reasons we can not make any assumptions in this article. But, after doing some research, it seems like these batteries are VERY similar. See below for information taken from external sites. This article is for information only!
From the FDK web site:FDK TWICELL Co., Ltd. is the only company to manufacture Ni-MH batteries exclusively in Japan and leads the industry with our unique technology and productivity.
The following batteries have similar (seem to be identical) specifications, and seem to be manufactured in the same factory in Japan:

Article at Master Instruments Australia stating that Sanyo NiHM acquired by FDK
The following is from this and this article published on the Master Instruments' site. It clearly states that there is only one producer of NiMH batteries in Japan, and they manufacture both Sanyo Eneloop and Fujitsu FDK batteries!
"Whether labelled as FDK(subsidiary of Fujitsu) or Sanyo. It is the same product from the same factory with identical specifications. Some product data sheets may still be under the Sanyo brand. Specifications & product data sheets under the FDK brand will become available as they're progressively produced. Please click the link below for individual product information & data sheets.
"Sanyo Nickel Metal Hydride Industrial Batteries. Factory has been acquired by FDK Corporation. Models still shown are available stock. Other models now sold under FDK brand....."

Article stating that FDK (Fujitsu) acquired Sanyo Eneloop batteries, fromwww.ftc.gov
The following is from this article published on the federal trade commision site:"Major consumer electronics manufacturers Panasonic Corporation and Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. have agreed to sell assets related to Sanyo’s portable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery business, including a premier manufacturing plant in Japan, as part of an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission that will preserve competition and allow the companies to proceed with Panasonic’s proposed $9 billion acquisition of Sanyo. NiMH batteries power two-way radios, among other products, which are used by police and fire departments nationwide.

Under a proposed FTC consent order, the portable NiMH battery assets will be sold to FDK Corporation, a subsidiary of FujitsuLtd. The sale of the assets resolves competitive concerns that were raised by the transaction, which combines the world’s two largest manufacturers and sellers of these batteries. No competitive concerns were raised by other overlaps between the companies."
More information on internet
There is plenty of information on internet suggesting that Sanyo Eneloop batteries are now manufactured by FDK Fujitsu. This poston a forum also states it. Google "Sanyo Eneloop manufactured by FDK" for more information.

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