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Monday, 15 June 2015

Are you confirm buy a Original Memory Card ?

This year, most of the online shopping habits of consumption patterns, at home against the computer will be able to see little leveling of living things, as well as some of the upset, vice goods are readily available, photography is no exception, online shopping Used equipment, spare parts more often to do so.

Recently, a Japanese photographer Damien Douxchamps in the world-renowned shopping network Amazon bought four SanDisk 16GB (60MB / s) CF memory card, while the arrival found that fake!

It happened just Eng Taobao also buy SanDisk 32GB (95MB / s) SD memory card, since other buyers to see reviews say through security verification sandisk official website, so also feel comfortable buying a piece, sandisk first time after receiving official verification of goods, through the verification, the official website confirmed as genuine, but I carefully and compare their own genuine checkers found many unusual doubt, this card may not be the real thing, But why can through official verification, it is very likely true box fake cards, just the same as to the recovery of foreign bottles of adulterated liquor approach, luckily I always online shopping are more cautious, the purchase will have to pick [seven unreasonable Return guarantee] sub shop, also returned to buy the insurance, so a properly found Well, apart from anything else they immediately return the goods to the seller, and yesterday received a refund, so we have to be careful too!

Damien Douxchamps Amazon purchased SanDisk 16GB (60MB / s) CF memory fake cards

Left fake cards, the right is really the card, you can clearly see the font and line is more blurred.'

From the box is almost impossible to pick out the true and false!

Engel bought last week Taobao SanDisk 32GB (95MB / s) SD memory card is false, of course, to take evidence before return to remind Photographic friends!

Buy fake left is right is my own original genuine, you can clearly see, even the words and signatures Sandisk bottom line is blurred, what a world-famous brand, how their own the logo is also printed was unclear!

Compare also very different on the back, on the left of this no words stuck Sandisk, many years ago or 4M, 8M old when, most likely with the old card reincarnated!

When I buy a memory card in the past, has always had the habit of keeping the box and took out the old boxes and found genuine transparent plastic shell inside the packaging is completely sealed packs, plastic shell must be cut in order to remove the card, but this time the false cards inner box is retractable plastic shell, this is also worth your consideration clue!

Noted to buyer , when you buy a Memory card , please make sure the warranty no only by Shop (Seller ) , Please double confirm for the Malaysia Memory card distributor ,

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