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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

10,000 FPS ultra high-speed photography, slow-motion look at DSLR shutter principle of operation

YOUTUBE Channel, "The Slow Mo Guys", they take you through a speed camera in slow motion into the world, such as the rubber band tied at the moment and then explode a watermelon circle, or see the bullet shot out of the water when screen, but this time the Slow Mo Guys job situation is shooting DSLR mirror room, the process of using slow shutter operations film presents!

Principle of operation of the shutter I believe many people have seen the information and explanations, but then how did not actually witness it impressed! The Slow Mo Guys shoot with the Phantom Flex high speed camera Canon EOS 7D mirror room to ultra-high video frame rate 10,000fps presented 400 times in slow motion video, you can clearly see that after pressing the shutter inside the DSLR is how it works : mirror lockup, before and after the shutter curtain from the top down to complete the exposure, and then put down the mirror. The slow motion through the presentation of shock when the mirror is raised and put down is also more pronounced. Another film also demonstrates the differences set the shutter speed from 1/8000 seconds to 1/1000 second to control the amount of light of different before and after the shutter open inexpensive, poor closing time is not the same.
▲ Slow shutter operation of the rendering process.

▲ different shutter speeds through space the size of two pieces of curtain control the amount of light. (Source: film screenshot)

In addition, The Slow Mo Guys also mentioned the rolling shutter (rolling shutter) of the impact and effectiveness, due to CMOS at the completion of the exposure, the electronic signal is like a top-down / left to right (or vice versa) as the shutter operation Lim progressive scan, so there will be the main effect of deformation or jelly. Usually under extreme conditions, such as when the fast pan mirror, violent shaking of the screen, or the main rapid lateral movement from the front of the lens. The film also has examples (from 5:40 start watching), the scenery shot in the car, along with the picture can be seen whizzing fence poles and are skewed. Because of rolling shutter on the record there is a time difference of the photosensitive element, so sometimes feel weird to see some fantastic pictures, such as another example cited in the film (from 4:45 seconds to start watching), to spray champagne yet in the air, but the shadow has to face the people.

Relative to the rolling shutter, CCD sensor used in the past is global shutter (global shutter), the photosensitive element, "while" the exposure of the entire screen, there is no such problem. It is understood that there are now a global shutter CMOS, but they are used for professional-grade equipment, can look forward to the next round after the maturity of the technology used in consumer products. If you're still not clear rolling shutter and global shutter works, you can refer to this article abroad, detailed illustrations inside, you probably know how the poles are crooked.

▲ rolling shutter because of the time difference, champagne was sprayed into the face of the first half of the shadow already. (Source: film screenshot)

▲ rolling shutter another common example, the body from the front of the camera quick lateral movement and produce skewed. (Source: film screenshot)

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